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1   Link   San Francisco Foot Injury Experts Recommend You Get a Second Opinion For Foot Sprains
San Francisco Podiatrist and foot trauma expert discusses how misdiagnosed foot fractures (incorrectly thought to be a foot sprain) can lead to continued foot pain.
2   Link   My Running Doc
San Francisco's Running Injury Podiatrist, MyRunningDoc.com is the San Francisco Bay Area's running injury prevention and treatment site. Established by San Francisco Podiatrist, Marathon runner and Ironman triathlete Dr. Christopher Segler to educate and inform runners about common causes of foot pain and running-related injuries. He offers custom orthotics, gait evaluations and running injury prevention in the San Francisco Bay Area.
3   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Does House Calls
San Francisco Podiatrist makes house calls in the Bay Area for podiatry complaints such as ankle sprains, ingrown toenails, and heel pain.
4   Link   San Francisco Podiatry Expert Explains How "Traveler's Foot" May Be Athlete's Foot
Many people are at risk of catching foot fungal infections while traveling. San Francisco foot exert who practices Podiatry in the Bay Area explains how to avoid athlete's foot in airports and hotels.
5   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Talks About Wearing High Heels Without Pain
Many women professionals in San Francisco have careers that demand a sense of style. If high heels cause foot pain, there are ways to minimize the discomfort. San Francisco Bay Area Podiatrist discusses your options.
6   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Talks About Why You Need a Second Opinion For Foot Pain
Foot pain is never normal. If you have a foot sprain that isn't getting better it may be a foot fracture. San Francisco podiatrist and foot fracture specialist discusses how broken feet get misdiagnosed on x-ray and are sometimes incorrectly treated as a foot sprain.
7   Link   Doc On The Run
Doc On The Run is the place in the San Francisco Bay Area for Podiatry House Calls. We treat ingrown toenails, ankle sprains, and thick fungal toenails, all in the comfort of your own home. If you don't have time to go to an expert, let the expert come to you!
8   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Talks About How You Can Avoid a Pedicure Disaster
California has recently passed laws protecting consumers from dangerous infections transmitted through nail salon pedicures. San Francisco Podiatrist discusses way you can get a pedicure without getting an ingrown toenail, foot infection or toenail fungus.
9   Link   San Francisco Foot Doctor’s High Heel Shoe Shopping Tips
San Francisco Foot Doctor makes high heel shoe shopping tips to help you avoid foot pain from high heels. Just because you have to wear high heels doesn't mean you need to suffer from bunion pain, pain in the ball of the foot or heel pain.
10   Link   San Francisco Podiatry Experts Believe You Need a Second Opinion For Foot Pain
If you are considering bunion surgery or have foot pain that isn't getting better, you should immediately get a second opinion. Getting a second pair of expert eyes to help you understand why you have foot pain can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Fortunately San Francisco has many Podiatry experts to offer second opinions.
11   Link   Preventing Athlete’s Foot on Vacation: Tips from San Francisco Podiatry Doctor
Athlete's foot is a fungus that can be spread between unsuspecting airline passengers and hotel guests. San Francisco Podiatrist makes recommendations on avoiding athletes foot fungus while traveling.
12   Link   San Francisco Bay Area Concierge Podiatrist blog
Many busy Bay Area patients are choosing podiatry medical services in the comfort of their homes and offices. San Francisco podiatrist has joined other doctors when he stopped accepting insurance so he could offer house calls and spend more time with his patients.
13   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Makes Recommendations on Avoiding Pain from High Heel Shoes
Foot pain is often attributable to high heel shoes. But unfortunately, in San Francisco many women professionals simply must maintain a certain business image that requires fashion sense. San Francisco's podiatrist shares some tips to help you maintain your fashionable image with less foot pain.
14   Link   San Francisco Podiatrist Explains Why You may Have Hard Time Getting in to your San Francisco Podiatry Clinic
On March 1, 2010 San Francisco Foot Doctors and other physicians will get paid 21% less Medicare. San Francisco Podiatrist explains why this is likely to make it difficult for your to get in to see a foot doctor in the Bay Area if you have Medicare.
15   Link   San Francisco Podiatry Guide to Home Treatment Ingrown Toenails
San Francisco's award-winning podiatrist explains all of the details about home treatment of ingrown nails. Some ingrown nails can be can be treated at home without trouble, but it can be risky. Dr. Segler is podiatrist who will make housecalls 24/7 for painful and infected ingrown toenails.
16   Link   San Francisco Marathon Runner and Podiatrist Explains How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor to Train Better
Heart rate monitors can help you train more effectively. If you train more effectively you should be able (in theory) to train less and decrease your risk of stress fractures and other foot injuries. San Francisco Podiatrist and runner explains how.
17   Link   San Francisco Best Podiatrist High Heel Survival Guide
Women in San Francisco don't have to suffer from pain in the ball of the foot just because of high heel shoes. San Francisco podiatrist discusses the best ways to avoid foot pain from shoes.
18   Link   San Francisco's Running Podiatrist Explains Why Athlete's Foot Affects Many Bay Area Cyclists and Marathon Runners
If you like to ride your bike in Marin or go for long runs in San Francisco, you may be putting yourself at risk of a fungal foot infection. San Francisco Podiatrist and triathlete explains that the best treatment is simple. Save yourself a trip to the Podiatrist by reading how you can prevent and treat this common podiatry problem in San Francisco.
19   Link   San Francisco Foot Doctor’s Guide To Ingrown Toenail Home Remedies
San Francisco Foot Doctor explains the best and worst ways to treat ingrown toenails at home. Written by San Francisco's house call podiatrist.
20   Link   San Francisco Foot Doctor’s Youtube video post on the fastest way to fix an ingrown toenail
San Francisco house calls podiatrist video post explaining the best way to get fast relief from an infected painful ingrown toenail.
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