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Medications runners should avoid explained by San Francisco podiatrist.
Almost every runner or triathlete becomes sick, sore or injured at some time during running training.  But some medications are better for runners than others.  As an athlete in training you need to know which medicines help and which can harm your fitness.  A new article by San Francisco's podiatrist, runner and Ironman triathlete explains why you should make sure you steer clear of some classes of drugs. 
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Foot Surgeon Education Center

Surgeons who belong to the Master Foot & Ankle Surgeon Golden Scalpel Group can have access to all of Dr. Segler's patented surgical techniques, published methods of pain reduction after foot surgery, and the latest advanced from all of the different topics related to his award winning foot and ankle research. You too can learn all of the techniques to become the very best foot and ankle surgeon in your community.

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Where Does It Hurt?

 Click in the  painful area to find out what is causing your foot pain.

Big Toe Joint Pain, Bunion

Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Planter Fashitis

Midfoot Pain, Upper Foot

Arch Pain

Ball of Foot Pain, Nueroma

Medial Ankle Pain, inside ankle

Tailors Bunion, little toe hurts

Lateral Ankle Pain

Side of foot hurts at the fifth toe base.

Achilles tendon pain, tendonitis